crystallineglass asked:

I was in a really bad car accident 8 months ago & I want you to know that your music was all I could listen to to make me feel better for at least 2 weeks. I saw you on my birthday at the Roxy in LA (front row) and it meant the world to me. I wanted to stop you as you were walking off stage, but I figured I shouldn't. Thank you for making the music that you do, it's so beautiful & you & your music is very important to me. I love you.

Glad the music has helped you; I hope we can see you again at another show in the not too distant future! 

Advice to my 21 year old self from my 31 year old self…

Get a bunch of pictures taken with your shirt off; you’ll never look this good again. As challenging as it may seem, don’t sweat it when you get your heart broken; you’re learning about what you don’t need…one day, when you find what you do need, it’s going to be that much more obvious because you’ve had to wade through all of this nonsense. Take it easy with the carbs. Pocket details on the back of jeans are for guidos and assholes. Be nicer to your mother. Don’t drink so much; nobody likes it when you become a liability. Go to yoga a few times every week. If she seems crazy, do not date her; upon realizing that she’s crazy, be honest and tell her you don’t feel that you’re compatible (and then RUN LIKE HELL BECAUSE YOU JUST PISSED OFF A CRAZY PERSON). Treasure all the time you get to spend with your best friends; in ten years, most days, you’ll be busy and far apart and you’ll miss each other terribly. There are very few times when good things happen after 2 am but there are many times when amazing things play out before 9 am; go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Read more books. Be careful with your knees. Remember that your little brother looks up to you; lead by example. Study abroad even if it means that you have to stay in college an extra year; the real world can wait, so have a glass of wine in Florence and for the love of God learn to speak Italian while you’re there. Don’t lie and don’t waste time on others who do; it’s not worth it. Your father is just a man and he’s doing his best, forgive him all his faults. Don’t be afraid to fall in love. Go see Ray Charles and James Brown while you still can. A boy takes for himself; a man shares. And most importantly: Be careful with those credit cards, you have to pay that money back one day!